Agnition Generate®

Liberate Your Nutrients

Generate® utilizes Microbial Catalyst® technology to liberate nutrients for improved soil and plant health in a wide range of crops.

Stimulate Soil Microbes
Increase Nutrient Uptake
Improve Plant Health
Increase Yield

How it works.

Generate® utilizes Microbial Catalyst®  technology to stimulate existing microbes in the soil by unlocking enzymes that drive more efficient nutrient utilization. Our patented chemistry behind Microbial Catalyst® technology works like a key to unlock enzymes and release nutrients that would otherwise remain tied-up in the soil.

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Agnition Generate®

How to use Generate.

Generate can be applied in-furrow or foliar. It mixes well with with fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.*

*Always perform a jar test to confirm mixing compatibility.

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