Frozen Flame Answer®

Energize Your Soil & Plants

The Frozen-Flame Answer® is a high-energy liquid blend of organic micro-nutrients that furnishes immediate energy to microbial life.

Energize Your Microbes
Improve Soil Tilth
Increase Yields

A high energy source for microbes.

The Frozen Flame Answer® is an organic nutrient and electrical energy source that provides immediate energy for macro and microbial life in soil, manure and plants. Working in conjunction with indigenous soil life, it provides energy for cleaning up waste, making compost and producing topsoil - creating a natural and perfectly balanced plant food.

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Frozen Flame Answer®

Easy to use with all of your sprays.

The Frozen-Flame Answer® can be used as a seed-applied additive in water, or with liquid fertilizers and micronutrients, including Bio-N-Liven Answer®. The Frozen Flame Answer® can be applied as a foliar application with water, chemicals and liquid fertilizers. Follow detailed application and mixing instructions on label or in application guide. Available in 2.5 gallon containers portioned for your application.

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